There’s a Reason That As You Get
Older It’s Harder For You To Lose
Excess Fat

After you read the article below you’ll understand that you may be making the same mistakes that 95% of all women make.  Until you discover the secrets that increase your metabolism and increase your energy levels, you may always struggle to lose weight.  When you make some minor KEY changes and you’ll start burning that stubborn fat and have a flat stomach MUCH Faster.

by Brett Yokley, 6x Nationally Certified Fitness Specialist (ISSA), Certified Nutrition Expert, 26 years experience.

5 Facts You MUST understand To“Take 20 Years off Your Waistline”

1. Eat too many or too few calories and get fat! Eat too few calories and your metabolism slows down to a crawl, and you get fat. Many “Diet Foods” have lower calories,but the wrong type of calories and you lose energy, not fat! To really lose that Excess Body Fat you need to cut through the hype and understand the connection between (Metabolism/Calories). Most food Labels are very misleading and I’ll explain how you can become an expert label reader in seconds.

2. Don’t waste your money and time on “Fat Burners” that don’t work and in some cases are dangerous to your health. In the last 26 years of helping thousands of people of all ages become thin and healthy, I can count on one hand the Fat Burners and Metabolic Optimizers that I have seen work. There are a few “legitimate”Supplements that have Fat Burning (metabolizing) properties along with certain types of foods that I will reveal to you below.

3. Ab chair-ab lounger-cross crunch machine… Ab Gimmicks, AVOID AT ALL COST. They Don’t Work, Period! There’s a lot of hype and a huge misconception out there that the more ab crunches you do, you’ll burn that excess Belly Fat. This is Simply NOT TRUE!  I said, Ab exercises – they don’t work period!  I’ll explain why this is such A misunderstood belief.

4. Metabolism…Does it slow down as you get older? You bet it does, now that I’m in my 40’s I can see it firsthand.  If you learn the secrets of how to combine full body exercise, a diet with a metabolic shift, and the few worthwhile supplements (and how to time their intake), then you burn the fat.  If you dont,  then it’s like trying to pin the tail on the donkey…Blindfolded!   I’ll tell these secrets, and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

5. Long, boring Cardio sessions are not effective at “Fat Burning”. I’ll show you some One-of a-Kind workout programs that will have you seeing immediate results and Shedding Excess Body Fat and Flab like Crazy. Learn the Real Secrets below.

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