Top 10 reasons why people fail at losing weight

  1. Not clearly defining their reason for losing weight (Do you “want to” or “have to”)?
  2. Not clearly defining what is their absolute goal weight is.
  3. Not sticking to one program long enough to see measurable results.
  4. Having unrealistic expectations for the first 2-3 weeks (If I don’t lose 5 lbs by next Friday I’m quitting)
  5. Sticking to a program for months without progress (If you’re not seeing results in the first 2-3 weeks – you need to try something else!
  6. Trying to eat out all the time and stick to your eating (diet) plan.
  7. Not preparing your meals (food) ahead of time so that it will be ready and convenient.
  8. Having unrealistic time-frame to lose the weight. Some weeks you wont lose any weight “that’s just the way it goes sometimes”.
  9. Trying to integrate 2-3 different diets or programs all at the same time.
  10. Telling all your friends you’re on a new weight loss program or you hired a personal trainer (You’ll have 5 friends that will tell you “oh, you don’t need a personal trainer” or “how can you afford a personal trainer”)….Then you’ll have 1 friend that will say “Good for you – I think that’s great”.

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